your free invoicing application!

(Windows: Version 4.26 – Mac OSX: Version 4.26 – Languages: NL / GB / FR / DE / ES)

SimpelFact is just what the name says: a Simple Invoicing application, for Windows and Mac OS X.

You can use the application to generate your company’s invoices simply. Basic use of SimpelFact is FREE and you can create unlimited invoices.
SimpelFact also has the following language options: English, Dutch, German, French en Spanish.

With the registered version, you can generate invoices on which both 21% and 6% VAT appear simultaneously

Enter your address in the Settings, import your logo and choose a standard VAT. Go to the main menu and then to Invoices, enter the address and the item lines, and the invoice is ready for printing. Invoicing with 0% VAT, transferred VAT or invoicing with prices inclusive of VAT, export support, printing invoices in PDF format and sending/emailing the invoices using your own email programme..

SimpelFact Factuurprogramma

SimpelFact has a STANDARD invoice layout. A number of adjustments can be made through the settings.

Although the invoice layout will suffice in most cases, amended layouts can be made to suit existing stationery or other special functions in custom versions, at extra cost. Registration is required in order to make a custom version.

The registered version (just €95,59 incl. VAT, a one-off cost instead of a subscription or service contract) of SimpelFact has the following additional features, and more:

  • No ‘Register Now’ buttons in the import layouts
  • You can upgrade to newer versions
  • Import all of your contacts to link them easily to your invoices
  • Create PDFs without a format notification
  • Import your item details and link these to the invoice lines on your invoice
  • Use multiple types of VAT interchangeably
  • Create an overview to gain insight into VAT payments and payment deadlines
  • Introduce multiple description lines per invoice line that are visible in print and PDF
  • Ability to add a discount (percentage) to an invoice line
  • Ability to add new contacts from within an invoice
  • At invoice level, editable comment ‘intra-Community supply’ if VAT is 0