SimpelFact trial

Open the installed programme, go to the Main menu and then to Settings. Click the Activate button on the right-hand side.
Follow the procedure and try out all of the options for three weeks.

Letters not displayed on Mac

There may be a conflict between different Arial fonts. You can find this in:

Programs > font catalogue

Here you can see what has been installed, where, and whether or not there is a problem.

VAT at line level in invoice

– Go to Settings and choose the Invoice lines tab;
– Tick the box next to Show / Print VAT on invoice.

From now on, when you generate invoices you will have the opportunity to change the VAT percentage on each invoice line.

VAT 0 / VAT reverse charge invoices

– Go to settings and choose the Invoice lines tab;
– Tick the box next to Show / Print VAT on invoice;
– For ‘VAT reverse charge’ invoices, go to the Foot tab and then VAT text for no VAT and set the text to VAT reverse charge mechanism applies;

Go to invoices. At the end of each invoice line in the next invoice to be made, you will see that there is now an option to choose the VAT. Set the VAT to 0% for each line. If all of the lines are set to 0, then the text set in VAT text for no VAT will appear at the bottom of the invoice, and no VAT will be calculated.

In order to get 0% VAT automatically at line level, the VAT can be set to 0% individually per item in the item file. If you go to the VAT tab in Settings and set the standard VAT to 0%, then 0% VAT will also appear on the lines for which the description has not been picked up from the item file.

Invoice numbering at the start of the year

If using the format 1-2013, make a backup, and then go to Settings, Reset invoices, delete all of the invoices and set the next invoice number at 1.

If all invoices must be kept, set the first new invoice number at 20130001 (you can then create 9999 invoices, and with 201300001 you can create 99999 invoices before any problems would arise with the following year.) You can then set the first invoice number for the following year (2014) at 20140001.

PDF creation is not working

The following are a few issues for checking:
General (Mac + Windows):
– It is known that some virus scanners can interfere with the installation process unnoticed. Therefore, you should deactivate these during the installation of SimpelFact.
– Is the latest version of SimpelFact installed?
– Is the ‘Burggraaf it PDF writer’ installed as a printer?
– Do not rename the printer (the original name is ‘Burggraaf it PDF Writer’).
– Ensure that SimpelFact is installed on the local PC/Mac and not in a network folder.
– Go to Settings and then to the tab Print Setup and click on the Reconstruct printer list button.
– Go to Settings and then to the tab Email and ensure that the option Send PDF is selected.
– Go to Settings and click on the PDF folder button (right-hand side). Select the folder to which the PDFs can be saved and ensure that this folder is also accessible. Ensure that this folder is located on the local PC/Mac.
– The mail client must be ready or able to be ready quickly. If it has to synchronise too long at start-up (for example, via IMAP), then SimpelFact can become stuck on this process. In any case, you should start up the mail client before you wish to send invoices.

– There must be at least one standard printer installed on the system in order to be able to print to PDF.

– To reinstall the printer: First delete it (Burggraaf_it_PDF) via the software control panel Programmes. After that, you can reinstall the printer using the Install PDF Driver button.

Windows (for advanced users):
– Is Windows installed on the C-drive? If not, the registry entries cannot be added.
– Check via regedit whether the following three items are located under HKEY_CURRENT_User\Software\Burggraaf it PDF Writer:
(standard) REG_SZ (no value) ; no value
BypassSaveAs REG_SZ 1 ; should always be 1
Outputfile REG_SZ c:/documents/enz/test.pdf ; The path to where the most recently written file is stored
– Install the latest version of Ghostscript. Or download and install a recent version (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ghostscript/files/GPL%20Ghostscript/9.10/gs910w32.exe/download). After installation, delete the folder “C:\Program Files\GPLGS” (on 64-bit systems, “C:\Program Files (X86)\GPLGS”).
– If a new email is created but the email address isn’t automatically filled in and no attachment is added, a possible cause is the absence of a mail section in win.ini. Check win.ini and add the following if it isn’t already present:

Backup & Restore

– Open the existing version of SimpelFact, go to Settings and click on the Backup button.
– Do a manual backup to a safe place, for example a USB stick.
– Install the latest/most suitable version of SimpelFact on the new PC.
– Start SimpelFact up on the new PC and go to Settings, and click on the Restore button.
– Find the folder where the backup is located and click on OK; all of the data including the registration details will be returned.

Generating an invoice overview per period

– Via the Main menu, go to Invoice, revenue and VAT overview;
– Click on the Search button above;
– Fill the start date in Date field followed by three points and the end date (example: 01-01-2011…31-03-2011) and click on the Find button or press Enter.

You can also enter just the month and year as a search range (example: 01-2011…03-2011) or just the year (example: 2010…2011).

An overview will be displayed for the desired period.

Credit note

A credit note can be made by generating a new invoice with a negative amount on it (with a minus sign before the amount, for example: -30.00). If you tick the Credit box above, the text ‘Credit note’ will appear at the top of the printed invoice. You can adapt this text in Settings.

Only one line is being printed out

When the print dialogue box appears (first pop-up window), ensure that Selected records appears instead of Current record before pressing Print.

Software registration

Start the programme up on your computer. Go to Settings and click the Register button on the right-hand side. Fill in your registration details in the pop-up window and click on OK. Your software is registered.

Upgrade installation

You can download the upgrade from the website www.simpelfact.com.

For safety reasons, an upgrade is installed alongside the existing version. Information on how to transfer the details, including the registration details, can be found at http://www.simpelfact.com/support/help/.

Create a custom layout

A custom layout can only be implemented by us for an extra fee, on the basis of registration details. The one-off costs of implementation (on the basis of registration details) are from € 95.00 excl. VAT, on top of the registration costs (€ 54.45 incl. VAT).

VAT selection

Go to Settings, choose the tab Invoice and the sub-tab Invoice lines and tick the box next to Show / Print VAT on invoice. From now on, when generating a new invoice you will have the opportunity to choose the VAT on each line.

21% VAT

You can change the VAT settings in the VAT tab in Settings. You can also adjust the set VAT for individual items (the setting for the items takes priority over the standard setting!). The changes will take effect with the next invoice generated; existing invoices will not be changed.