Fix – Setting the invoice number when using complement date
Fix – Input credit amounts between 0 en -1 Euro

Modified – Importscripts

New – Duplicate invoice
New – Standard description at customer
New – Reset printer within SimpelFact at startup

Multiple small fixes

New – Print packing slip

Fix – Footer/total only on last page
Fix – Activation SimpelFact

Fix – Display date invoice line at manual modification
Fix – Addressing customer left/right

Fix – Number format with period
Fix – Export data
Fix – Text interface articles

New – Barcode input has been made possible

Fix – Various displays invoice overview
Fix – Overview contacts, display phone number
Fix – Unwanted ID on print

Fix – Interface texts settings
Fix – Placing image in footer
Fix – Going from article list to article
Fix – Add address from invoice
Fix – Date 1st line of invoice at settings ‘previous line’ if no line with date is present
Fix – Amount 1 even if this was turned off
Fix – Sort lines on print
Fix – Deleting invoice line if there was one more to delete
Fix – Text ICL directive showed up at 5% line
Fix – Invoice overview to invoice used old layout
Fix – (Mac) Save PDF files on networkdrive
New – Setting period to comma now works for numbers

Through this we are pleased to announce that the 1st release of version 4 of Simple Fact is ready! The latest version SimpelFact is currently 4:02 version for both Windows and Mac users.

What has changed?
Below is a selection of the most important changes:
– Modified interface;
– Choice to work in the Cloud;
– Choice to work on an iPad in the Cloud;
– Multilingual interface;
– Choice of the language of the invoice (separated from the interface);
– Multilingual article descriptions;
– Choice to customize the order of the invoice lines;
– 4 possible VAT percentages per invoice;
– Option to place the address position on the left or right;
– Batch printing (not mailing) invoices by invoice summary;
– Improved back-up possibilities;
– Possibility to print the word ‘Fulfilled’ on the invoice;
– Possibility to always make a PDF when you print an invoice.
– Invoice Date of previous invoice line;
– Choice number format;
– Possibility for text, 3x text or an image in the footer of the invoice;
– Invoice count with year can also be set as 1;
– Check if the PDF folder exists if you print a PDF;
– Invoice overview customized for landscape printing;
– Sorting invoice overview per column;
– … etc. etc. etc.

Fix – Retrieve the mailaddress of the invoice, instead of the contact when sending a PDF.
Fix – Display the logo on the input side of the invoice’s VAT selection.
New – Able to indicate the VAT base on the invoice.
New – Choice to use periods instead of commas when you fill the price in.
New – Support-tab in settings.

Fix – Can adjust the sales price when a purchasing price and no margin is specified with the article.
New – Choice to not print the logo and header on letterpaper, but as a PDF.